Xtore™ Professional Storage


"SAS is rapidly gaining traction in the market as a solution that extends the SCSI value proposition and better enables tiered storage environments. As customers look to leverage the benefits of SAS, vendors such as AIC are providing complete solutions that meet the needs of both mission-critical and nearline applications."
LSI Logic
David So,
Strategic Marketing Manager
Storage Components Group, LSI Logic.
"The evolution to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) technology is gaining momentum as manufacturers like Xtore deliver impressive new products to market, such as this high density SAS enclosure. With Adaptec's leadership in the parallel SCSI market, and now leading the evolution to SAS, we are working closely with Xtore and other early providers of SAS-based products to ensure compatibility and interoperability. Of course the added benefit of using an Adaptec SAS RAID controller teamed with the new Xtore high density array is high performance data protection along with the flexibility of adding maximum capacity through either SAS or SATA disk drives depending on the customer's requirements."

Adaptec Tim Connolly,
Vice President of Marketing
Data Protection Solutions Group, Adaptec
"AIC and Fujitsu share a belief that innovation is the cornerstone of advanced customer applications, and together we have promoted product advancement and driven market adoption for SAS applications," said Joel Hagberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. "The delivery of a small form factor SAS solution has been an important milestone for the storage community. By pairing the industry's first 2.5" small form factor SAS hard disk drives with AIC storage arrays and RAID subsystems, the enterprise can leverage SAS to satisfy the rigorous demands for information storage and retrieval in today's business environment."

Fujitsu Joel Hagberg,
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
"Serial Attached SCSI is the next generation SCSI interface, delivering significant improvements in scalability, performance, reliability, and flexibility over parallel SCSI. ATTO has significant experience as a pioneer in the SCSI market and the new ExpressSAS™ SAS/SATA low profile adapter with on-board RAID and flexible configuration options demonstrates our commitment to be a trusted industry leader. By working with other industry leaders, such as AIC, we are able to deliver complete solutions for space constrained, high performance server environments and applications."

ATTO Ed Tierney,
Director of Marketing
ATTO Technology, Inc.